What is a real tiny trumpet?

A real tiny trumpet is a tiny tool and a big idea.

It’s inspired by a vision I have of a defiant girl in pigtails standing in the middle of a marching band that has gone batshit crazy, intently playing a miniature trumpet. It’s a comedic vision – the brass section is literally hitting each other on the head with giant tubas – and the girl’s cheeks are super puffed even though there is absolutely no sound coming out. Everyone in the stands can’t help but watch her. Her efforts are entirely fruitless, but her intention, focus, and situational awareness are in direct counterpoint to the cacophony around her. Sometimes, just being present is revolutionary.

This is a little blog for big hearts- for the freaks, and geeks, and dads in the stands and every other multifaceted human that is tired of watching the charade and would rather be in a real parade. This is a blog about life – about how to be a little bit better every day, even if you can’t remember why you should. It’s about artistic resistance – people and actions that are making the world a better place using humor and intellect. It’s about clowning, and yoga, and cappuccinos, and expectations and disconnects, and being human in a batshit crazy world. It’s about inspiring you to find and play your own tiny instrument, however futile it may sound.

This is a real tiny trumpet:


  1. carrie johnson

    The first “tiny trumpet” reference I learned came from Pogo in the 1950s. Are you channeling that, or is your choice of images serendipitous?

    1. Post

      Tell me more! What’s the reference? It seems there are a few serendipitous ideas behind trumpets. I wrote about mine in first blog post “What is a Tiny Trumpet?” x

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