Tiny Trumpet #Poetweets

I turn Donald Trump’s tweets into tiny haikus or free-verse poems. This daily act of Donald détournement helps bring a little humanity to the insanity. Read the most recent ones here or on Twitter.

Keep growing ! Up up and away, arms stretched, covering ground you never thought you'd reach,… https://t.co/bbTkWq9WQL

#claireware pottery. Don't you love a beautiful mug? Makes a simple morning special. I couldn't… https://t.co/5aFqohFGhE

Woman posts large sign in front of her home after her bike is stolen saying she needs it to get to work and can’t afford another one. Her sign sparked amazing acts of kindness #OrangeRoom

Our story starts the same way! Friend had 2 bikes stolen in one WEEK!! Thieves left sticky note on cut lock chain 2nd time. 🙂 and "THANKS" written on note!!! #KarmaCycle @CarsonDaly https://t.co/OVuTO4u7s2

There's always a little #heart around you if you know how to look. #carrollgardens #gates #iron… https://t.co/CeL21E6imL

Just another #freebox chair on the side of the road in fabulous #brooklyn. Beautiful, stately,… https://t.co/3vxc1FhtDR

The #karmacycle story keeps on whirling like these birds. It's been fun to watch it take off -… https://t.co/1XmwGSezJS

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  1. charles Barr

    Great story! This is my impression of NYC every time we come to visit, which is often…Remember getting subway directions from JFK jr on one trip, great city with great people!

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